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Today's Featured Pattern

Image of Two Dozen Petals Scrunchie

Two Dozen Petals Scrunchie
This scrunchie is made in two steps by working both rows on the elastic to give it a layered look. You could use any combination of colors and make several for all of your outfits.

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Daily Scavenger Hunt Game

Find this picture somewhere on this site!

Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Item: You are hunting for the Daffodil Fridgie.
Clue:You will find it in the Doily patterns.
The item will be changed and in a different place every day.

Scavenger Hunt Items

The Latest Pattern

Image of Loopy Beaded Bracelet

Loopy Beaded Bracelet
Added: July 3, 2016
This bracelet is made with memory wire, beads and a Cotton/nylon yarn! It is fun to make and would look great with any casual outfit!

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Here are some Winter Patterns to enjoy!

Vst Moebius Scarf
Men's Ribbed Hat
Thermal Stitch Scarf
Perky Popcorn Hat
Simple Beanie Cap
Plushy Bowtie Scarf
Linked Trebles Scarf
Pentahex Poncho
Infant or Doll's Thumbless Mittens
Thermal Stitch Mittens
Cluster Stitch Scarf Hat
My Man's Hat
Cozy Winter Kerchief
Granny Cuff Hat
Simple Slippers
Jiffy Bell Hat
Luxury Hat
Checker Stitch Mittens
Julie's Basic Mittens
Beth's Hat
Child's Crown Hat
Vst Poncho
Simple Fingerless Mittens
Simple Leg Warmers
Addison Scarf
Penguin Filet Doily
Christmas Candle With Ornaments
Winter's Way Snowflake Tablemat
Snowman Centerpiece
Snowflake Stocking
Coffee Can Lid Wreath
Winter Reflections Doily
Winter Flurries Bookmark
Tri Flakes Bookmark
Snowflake Motif
Winter Flower Fridge
Snowflake Fridgie
Four Mini Ball Ornaments
Winter Bliss Snowflake
Filet Center Snowflake
Winter Suncatcher Snowflake
Trebles & Chains Ball Ornament
Pretty Ball Ornament
Citrus Stitch Snowflake Ornament
Eyelet Lace Snowflake
Filigree Crystal Snowflake
Strawberry Ornament
Snowboarder's Hat
Thermal Stitch Adult Hat
Granny Square Slippers
Addison Hat
Think Snow Bath Tissue Cover
Clusters Tissue Box Cover
Holiday Wreath Table Mat
Baby Doll Hat
Snowflake Centered Doily
Lacy Ice Crystal
Winter's Coming Snowflake Sun Catcher
Lacy Chains Snowflake
Regal Snowflake
Mini Snowflake
Winter Wonder Granny Square