In this section you will find articles about various methods for storing your project sheets and magazines. You will find the crochet Abbreviations used in the crochet patterns on this site, ways you can store your yarn and thread and much more crochet related information.

You will learn different ways to store your crafting magazines. For example, you can store them in plastic magazine holders that can be purchased at any large box store. Click the button below to find more ways to store your magazines.

In this page, you will learn different ways you can store your yarn and thread. There are many ways and this page explains just a few. For example, I use plastic storage drawers that can stack to store my yarns and threads.

Here is a list of the most commonly used abbreviations in crochet.
Also you will find some of the special stitches I created and use in some of my patterns.

Flag Stitch

 Flag Stitch (flg): It is a single standing stitch and not a pattern stitch. It can be used in many different types of patterns and I have designed 3 patterns that have this stitch in it. One is worked in the round and the other one is part of a dishcloth pattern that can also be used as a sampler square.

This featured stitch is called the Static Stitch it is called this because when you use more than one color to make this stitch, it looks like a row of static.

Sample of Side Links Double Treble

This stitch is an adaptation from the Linked trebles found in the Harmony Guide to Crochet Stitches on Page 18. I have changed it a little bit to make it taller and instead of working the stitches on the horizontal bars on the sides of the stitches, you work on the vertical loops down the side of the stitches.