Paper Bead Tools


 We offer a variety of paper bead making tools from standard wood handled slotted paper bead rollers, to double hole wood handled paper bead rollers. We also offer Adjustable Length paper bead rollers in 5 sizes along with a matching needle tool. You can also get a special tool make just for setting eyelets into large holed paper beads!

Adjustable Length Paper Bead Rollers

Handmade Adjustable Length Paper Bead Rollers

Colorful Plastic 4 inch long Handles and 5 split pin thicknesses!

Set of 5 Slotted Bead Rollers

Limited Supply, Get them while they last! Once they are gone, they will be gone. I will be replacing these with a longer handle version with new and different prints.

Adjustable Length Paper Bead Rollers

These bead rollers have adjustable length winding pins! They are made with split pins that you can squeeze together with included stabilizer beads. The winding pin starts at around 1" long and extend up to 3" long when you pull it out. They have a one inch long silicone comfort grip at the top.

Have you been struggling with setting those little eyelets inside your Pandora style or large hole beads? Do they keep slipping out of your fingers and landing on the floor? Well, I have a solution for you! It is a cool tool called the Bead Easy Eyelet Setter!

These rollers help you make paper beads that have 2 holes in them. The beads are great for making bracelets that use other beads with 2 holes in them for some really unique looks!
Slotted Paper Bead Rollers
Made of stainless steel, the slotted winding pin in these paper bead rollers are 1¼" long which will enable you to make beads up to 1¼" long comfortably! You can use these beads in jewelry or crafts. You are only limited to your imagination to what paper beads you can make with these slotted winding pin paper bead rollers.