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Julie's Seed Stitch Dishcloth - A free Crochet pattern from Julie A Bolduc.

Julie's Seed Stitch Dishcloth

Designed by Julie A Bolduc
JPF Crochet Club
Date Added to This Directory: February 4, 2011

This dishcloth is fast and easy to make and is made with Speed Cro Sheen instead of regular worsted weight cotton yarn. You can use size 3 crochet cotton if you cannot find any Speed Cro-Sheen.

Thank you for visiting this page. You can download the PDF version, of this pattern, from the pattern page only. Please, if you are going to link to this pattern, make your link, on your page, link directly to this page and not to the actual pattern page. That way other visitors can see what other patterns are in this category at a glance.

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