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Snuggle Handle Holder - A free Crochet pattern from Julie A Bolduc.

Snuggle Handle Holder

Designed by Julie A Bolduc
JPF Crochet Club
Date Added to This Directory: November 5, 2000

This tight fitting handle holder is just perfect for any cast iron skillet! It fits like a glove! I do recommend you use cotton for this pattern for extra protection. Do not substitute acrylic for this pattern. I also recommend that you do not leave this on the handle while the burner is lit. (especially a gas stove) It could catch fire. Only put it on when you are actually going to pick up the pan.

Thank you for visiting this page. You can download the PDF version, of this pattern, from the pattern page only. Please, if you are going to link to this pattern, make your link, on your page, link directly to this page and not to the actual pattern page. That way other visitors can see what other patterns are in this category at a glance.

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