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Web Site Tips

  • Use the drop down menus above to navigate this site.
  • Use the " Contact Us" link at the bottom of all pages to send me a message. You can add to the Subject Line to let me know exactly what your email is about.
  • Visit Our Reference Page for Tutorials, Stitches and Links to Other sites.
  • Did you know?: National Crochet Week is our anniversary week as well!
  • Did you know we have been on the web since March 1998?
  • Check Our Online Catalog on our site for wood rings, paper beads and other things!
  • You can right click on any of my images and save them to your hard disk.
  • Did you know there is a postal mail order sheet?
  • There are over 900 patterns on this site!
  • If you are not a paid member and you want some of the paid members patterns, sign up for our free points account and get the patterns for 5000 points each.
  • There is a Game Section where you can win points for your points account!
  • You can win actual small prizes in our weekly raffle and our Bingo Game!

Crochet Tips

  • Crochet at the doctors' office.
  • If you are a designer, keep a notebook next to you to write instructions as you go.
  • Keep tiny scraps of yarn and give them to the birds for nests.
  • Use your larger scraps of yarn to make granny squares or other small items to use in friendship exchanges!
  • Be sure to buy enough yarn of the same dye lot number to complete your project.
  • Use a yarn or tapestry needle to weave in your ends.
  • Read Through a pattern's instructions before you begin crocheting so you know what to expect.
  • When you are buying yarn at the store, read the care instructions before you purchase to make sure you can wash and dry your item in your machine.
  • I like to crochet while watching Netflix on my computer! That way I can either write the new instructions as I design a new pattern.
  • If you are making a pillow that has a pattern with a lot of holes, make your pillow form in a coordiating or matching color to match your yarn.