Terms & Conditions;

This Bingo Game is for anyone who visits this web site and has a free points account.

To play participate in the bingo game, do the following in the order they are presented.
  1. Make sure you have a points account so you can claim your points after you claim your bingo win.
  2. Register for a card, using the form on this page.

Please Read the Rules below before playing.
Since the prizes are completely online and I will not be sending anything through the postal mail, you only need to enter a username, password, full name and email address to play this bingo game. If you win a bingo game, you get 10,000 points! You will need to claim the points the same way you already claim your points in the Scavenger Hunt and Paw Tracker games. You will be sent a secret code to enter on the claim points page, by email. You will have to claim your points before the new game is started. Only one 10,000 points prize is rewarded per winner per game.

  1. No purchase necessary to win!
  2. Even though there is no money involved in any of the prizes, and this whole site is safe for children, you need to be at least 18 to enter.
  3. Must have a free points account to play and claim any points that are won.
  4. You must register for the current bingo game before you can play. You can only register once per game and you need to register for every game you want to play.
  5. Must have a valid working email address to enter.
  6. Your email address must be current and working. You will be sent a reminder of your win and it will contain the secret code you will need to use to claim your Points prize.
  7. I reserve the right to end this bingo game at any time for any reason. I will not end it until the end of the current game which is going on at the time I decide to end it.
  8. Privacy Notice: The information gathered during this game is going to be stored in an area of the server which no one has access to but myself. I will not sell or give away your email address or any other information gathered during this game for any reason. Once the bingo game is over and all of the prizes given out, I will destroy the files where this information is kept. The information is strictly used for the purpose of this game only. Your username, full name and email address, for this game, are stored where your bingo card information is stored.
  9. When you register, your request for a card will be checked, if one is not found a new card will be automatically given one Bingo card.
  10. You are allowed only one bingo card per game. If you sign up for more than one bingo card and you win, your win will be forfeit and the game will continue until another person wins. The way I wrote the bingo program, you will be allowed only one bingo card per username and email address.