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Gold Level Just Plain Fun Membership

Gold Level Just Plain Fun Membership

When you become a  Gold Level Just Plain Fun Member, you get access to everything on the site including both Paper Bead Crafts and JPF Crochet Club areas.

  • Lifetime Never Ending Access to the Paper Bead Crafts and JPF Crochet Club Members Areas.
  • You will also be given 1,000,000 points to get you started. You can lose your Gold Level Status if you redeem points and go below that 1,000,000 point threshold. So one major benefit to having the Gold Level Status, is  you do not need to redeem points to get to the files. You will can use the Gold Download Button to download your files.
  • You will get access after you pay for and register your account and as soon as Julie manually activates it.
  • Access to over 1600 images in the Bead Sheet Designer Pro, not available to non members, plus the free images as well.
  • Access to some pre-made hand drawn and computer generated bead sheets in downloadable PDF files.
  • Access to over 900 Crochet Patterns!
  • Access to all downloadable paper bead cutting and marking templates I offer.
  • The ability to change your email address, name and password as you need to.
  • The ability to retrieve your lost password at any time instantly.


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Duration: Lifetime
Price: $95.00