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JPF Crochet Club Memberships:
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  • You were a Never Ending Lifetime Member of the JPF Crochet Club.
  • If you were a recurring payment member and you paid for more than 2 years worth of either monthly , every 3 months or every  6 months, of payments, I will also add your account at no extra cost.

Paper Bead Crafts Memberships:
You Qualify for FREE Just Plain Fun Never Ending Membership if:

  • If you were a Silver or Gold member at Paper Bead Crafts,  I would gladly give you a Lifetime Never Ending Membership to the Just Plain Fun Membership at no additional cost.

Just fill in the form and Julie will get a notification of your sign up request and manually activate your account.

You don't have to use the same email address for your new account, that you used in your old account, for your new account,  but I will need something to verify your account. See your choices below. Any ONE of these will work.

  • Email address used for old account.
  • Username used for old account and old email address.
  • Transaction Number if paid with Paypal or 2Checkout.com & old email address
  • Check number or just mention you paid with a check and old email address.

If I cannot find  your information in my records, your account will NOT be activated. I actually have member records that date back to February 1998!  I need your old username and email address in order to be able to find your old account.


 If you are bronze member, at the Paper Bead Crafts web site, you can upgrade for $60.00.

Duration: Lifetime
Price: Free