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Upgrade from Paper Bead Crafts Bronze

If you are a Bronze Level member of the Paper Bead Crafts membership website, you can upgrade to Lifetime Never Ending Membership on the now Combined Paper Bead Crafts and JPF Crochet Club aka Just Plain Fun website and get access to everything in the members area for as long as the site is up and running. You will never have to pay another penny again.


This is a one time payment.


 The Bronze membership at the Paper Bead Crafts web site only gave you access to the Premium Bead Sheet designer page and I am no longer offering access to just that. I am only offering access to everything digital that I offer on this site. 

If you want access to the Premium designer and everything else, you will need to upgrade your Bronze account. By being already a Bronze level member, you do not need to pay the whole $95.00. Your upgrade fee is just $45.00. After that, you will never have to pay another penny for any of the digital products I offer on this site.

Since this is a new server, chances are your bronze account is not here to make it possible for you to upgrade from your Bronze account. Please request to have your bronze account added manually so you can upgrade to the Just Plain Fun Never ending Account. You will not have access to anything until you actually upgrade from Bronze to Member of Just Plain Fun.  Once you get a notification that your Bronze account has been added, you can upgrade for $45.00 to become a member of Just Plain Fun. 

I will need your email address and username so I can look up your account details and add them manually. Click on the Contact Button above to send me your request.

Duration: Lifetime
Price: $45.00