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Points Account Members

Points Accounts Are Back!

Sign up for a free points account. This points account membership does not get you free access to the patterns but it makes it possible for you to earn points and you can go up in rank with the more points you earn over time.

The levels of membership are as follows and the amount of points you need to earn to get to each level.

  • New User: 50,000
  • Bronze Level: 350,000
  • Silver Level 675,000
  • Gold Level: 1,000,000

If, however, you decide you want to be a Gold Member, you can pay the Lifetime Membership fee of $95.00 and get 1,000,000 points right away. If you are already a new user, and you sign up for a Gold Paid Membership account, 950,000 points will be added to the amount of points you already have in your points account.

Once you become a Gold member, you can lose your gold status when you redeem your points for various files downloads and go below the 1,000,000 point level.  Once you reach the gold level, you will not have to redeem points if you don't want to. I will keep the downloads that are on the site now, right where they are.

Everything that the current paid members have access to, up to May 15, 2020, will be accessible only to Gold members. 

Earning Points

You can earn up to 3,000 points per day.  Here are the different ways you can earn points.
1. You can earn points by visiting different pages each day, 5 points per page.
2. Find the scavenger hunt item each day. 100 points by entering a secret code displayed when you find the item.
3. Find the letters of the word of the day to find the characters, for the secret code, to use to claim points. Points will vary each day and will be based on the Scrabble point value of each word.  Yes, it is the old Paw Tracker game but it will work differently from before.

In the future, when you buy merchandise that I sell through Amazon.com or Etsy.com and actually send you to myself through the mail will have a secret code on the package that you can use to claim points for that purchase. I expect this to start sometime in June 2020. I have to edit all of my packaging to have these codes. I also have to add these codes to this point program.


Redeeming Points:
You will be able to redeem points in the future for the Crochet pattern pdf files, template files, template bundles and bead sheet bundles. It will take time to add the buttons, you can use, to redeem points for patterns and files you want. I will be adding them to the actual listings above the white button that is at the bottom of the page boxes.

I do plan to put a gold download button on all pages that are available to gold members. Once you reach the gold level, you will not have to redeem points for the downloadable files and you can use the Gold button to download the files. 

The Registered, Bronze and Silver levels will be able to download files  in a frequency that is determined by their Level Status. For example, people who are at the lowest level can redeem points once per day, 7 times per week and 28 times per month. In other words, the higher your rank, the more often you can download files. The points price of each item will not change due to your rank or level of status, just the frequency in which you can download.

Read all about the Points Program.


Duration: Lifetime
Price: Free