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If you have tried to become a paid member but the form didn't work,
I have fixed the problem. The membership payment processor is working now.

Not all of the patterns, templates, bead sheets and project are here yet but over the next few weeks and months, they will all be added back as time permits.

Let me know if you want a pattern you are missing added right away. I really appreciate your patience while I rebuild this site from scratch.

I will be adding a new sewing and quilting section in the future, after I get most of the contents of the JPF Crochet Club and Paper Bead Crafts added back to the site.

Lifetime Never Ending memberships are back and you can learn more about that by clicking on the Membership button above. If you ever were a PAID Never Ending Member of the JPF Crochet Club or a silver or Gold member of Paper Bead Crafts.com, you may qualify for free membership.