Designed by Julie A. Bolduc

This belt is easily made with 2 welded D rings and worsted weight yarn and would look great over a jumper or with a pair of jeans.

Materials Needed:
Worsted Weight Yarn any color
Red Heart White was used
Size H aluminum crochet hook
2 1" welded D rings
Yarn Needle for Weaving in ends

Yarn Thickness: 4mm
Gauge 4sc per inch
Finished Size=1" wide Length varies according to waist size.
Skill Level Easy

ROW 1: Tie yarn onto both D rings. Ch1 work 5sc across straight part of rings. Ch 3, turn.

ROW 2: Dc, ch1, dc in 3rd sc vst made. dc in last sc. Ch3, turn.

ROW 3: Vst in vst. Dc in top of ch3, ch3 turn.

Repeat ROW 3 until the desired length is reached but on the last row, ch1 turn.

Final ROW work 3dc in vst. Sc in top of ch3.
Fasten off and weave ends into work.

To wear belt, it will stretch a bit. This is ok. When it does stretch, it will become narrower so it will fit through the belt loops of a pair of jeans.
Wrap the belt around you and pass the finished end through both rings then back through the other way through one ring.

Designed on Thursday, June 11, 1998. Copyright © 1998 by Julie A. Bolduc f124003

This pattern is for personal use only and not to be resold.