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Paw Tracker Game


Feel free to find as many of today's letters as you like just as long as you find them on different pages. Every page you go to will give you 5 points no matter whether you find a letter in today's word or not. You get these points only once per day per page, no matter what. So if you already visited a page while looking for the scavenger hunt item, you will not be given more points for visiting that page.

For those of you who used to play this game in the past, this new version is very different from that old version. Every time you land on any page there will be a Paw Tracker Icon on the page with a letter on it, that part is the same. What is new is, if the letter is in the current day's word, you will be presented with a Character below the letter. When you find all of the letters in the current day's word, you should have gathered all of the characters you need for the day. You will use those characters to form a secret code which you can use to claim the current day's points. The letters of the word, correspond with the characters you gather, and will be arranged in the same order as the word.

The point values are based on Scrabble tiles.
Each day, when I post a new word, I will let you know the points you will get when you gather up all of the characters in the secret code and enter the secret code in the special code box. This will be the same code box you will use when you want to claim points for finding the Scavenger Hunt item.
You will not get points for landing on the same page twice or refreshing this page.

Follow the Steps below to Participate in the Paw Tracker Game.

  1. Go to the current day's newsletter to find out what the word of the day is.
  2. Write down that word on a piece of paper, draw a line above each letter in that word.
  3. Surf the site to find those letters.
  4. When you find a letter, there will be a character below that letter that will be in the day's secret code. Write that character above the letter on your piece of paper.
  5. Repeat this until you find all of the letters in the word. 
  6. Once you find all of the letters in the word, go to the Claim Points form page and enter the Secret code in the box.

Daily Word for the Paw Tracker obtained from Word of the Day at Merriam-Webster.com