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Checker Stitch

This stitch is called the checker stitch. It can be used along with other stitches in a pattern whether working in rows or in rounds. It can also be used as a very attractive edging on a project. Examples of each application of use are in the above patterns for the mittens and Bath tissue cover and wreath ornament.

Checker Stitch (ckr)

The basic instructions are:
Sc in stitch indicated, while keeping loop on hook, insert hook in same st, yo, and ch3. Yo, pull through both lps on hook, then while keeping the first lp on hook. Pull up a lp in each of the 3 chs, then yo and pull yarn through all 4 lps on hook. Ch1.

As an edging.
Start with an even number of stitches or spaces around project such as an afghan, handkerchief or tablecloth etc...

Ckr in first st. Ch2. *Sk next st. Ckr in next st. Ch2. Rep from * as needed for project. Join w/slst to first sc of first ckr.