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Sample of Waffle Stitch

I do not think this one is mine but I have not been able to find it in any of my books but I did come up with this one without using any of the books I have. I just like the way it looks. I used a variation in the round in this month's coaster pattern and it is also used in this month's dishcloth and potholder patterns. I hope you enjoy using this pattern stitch as much I do.

When starting with a sc foundation row, ch a multiple of 4 sts + 3.
When starting without a sc foundation row, ch a multiple of 4 sts+6.

With sc foundation.
Row 1: Make a sc row. Ch3, turn.

Row 2: Dc in next st, *ch2, sk 2 sts, dc in next 2 sts. Rep from * across. Ch3, turn.

Row 3: Dc in next dc. *1 tr in each of the next 2 skipped sts working behind the 2chs. Dc in next 2 sts. Rep from * across. Ch3, turn. Rows 4 through what ever. Rep rows 2 & 3 consecutively until you have completed as many rows as needed.

If working without a sc foundation. Make your chain as instructed above and then start with Row 2 and work Rows 2&3 consecutively until finished. Working in the round.

This pattern stitch can be worked in the round as well and a good example of how to work this is in the Waffle Stitch Coaster pattern.