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Today's Featured Pattern

This pattern is Always Free!

Basic Granny Square

Starting February 1st, 2021, every single pattern I feature will be free. If they are already free, they will stay free. If they are currently for Gold Members Only, they will be free for one day only.  Use the blue button that says "Go to HTML Version Here" to get to the pattern page. You will be able to print out the page but the PDF file is not available for free.

The Gold Members Only patterns will then be available for either $1.99 or for 20,000 points for those who have a free points account. They will always be available to Gold Members without having to redeem points. The members only pdf files for the crochet patterns will never be available for free for non Gold Members.

New Paper Bead Template Book

It's Back! The Applique Beads Tutorial!

Do you remember this? It hasn't been on the site for a while!

Learn how you can make applique paper beads that look like ceramic or porcelain beads that have flowers and other designs painted on them after the bead is made.

Applique Paper Beads

Featured Bead Sheet

Today's Featured Bead Sheet

This bead sheet is Not free.

Blue Waves Stripes


Starting January 16, 2021, I will start making most of the Bead Sheets for Gold Members Only. For now until I updated the pages, most of them will still be free. I will let you know through the newsletter when the bead sheet is no longer free.  I will also start to add brand new single bead sheets in the near future.

Recently Uploaded Bead Sheet

The Latest Bead Sheet

 This Bead Sheet is Not Free

Reggae Square Tile

Bead Sheets that are not free are only $1.99! or 20,000 Points for Free Points Members.
If you are a Gold member, you can download the brand new bead sheet for free.

Latest Video at YouTube

Laminated Cutting Guides! Learn about the brand new paper bead templates! These templates are designed for use with Guillotine cutters! They are laminated so they will last a very long time and you tape them down to the bed of the cutter and you lay your paper on top of them and move the paper down the template as you cut each strip.

Tuesday's Tip

Easy Does it Hand Sewing  If you use a needle and thread for allot of hand sewing and it seems to twist and knot on you allot. You can rub the thread onto a piece of bees wax. The wax coats the thread nicely and lets the thread glide through the fabric easily. If you are in a pinch and do not have bees wax, you can use an old stump from a candle or a matching color crayon. Bee's wax is best though cause it is all natural and will not break down your cotton thread.


Current Game: Small Frame

Today's Numbers:  G53, B12, N34

 I messed up, I forgot to make it possible to claim points for the Capital X game. Here is a gift for all of you, whether you won or not. Here is the secret code for the Capital X game. Go ahead and claim it as you would for any other game on the site. 2DL3DYGD  You will get 10,000 points if you go ahead and claim these points. You don't even have to have played the Capital X game. All you need is a points account to claim them this code will expire when the next game after Small Frame gets started.
If you win, you will be presented with a secret code you can use to claim your 10,000 points. Claim it the same way you claim other points on the site.

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