Merry Christmas!

May this holiday season give you peace, love and joy for you and your family!

Scavenger Hunt

Today's Scavenger Hunt Item
The item for Today is below.
Item: You are hunting for the "Christmas Candle".
Clue: You will find it in the Afghan patterns!

The daily scavenger hunt item can only be found for one day.
I no longer keep them available to find for the whole month.

The instant prize could be either a discount or a download of something that is free for today only.



Featured Pattern

This very simple Pure White Guardian Angel which resembles a cross can be made into either a pin ornament or a fridgie. It has a deep red stone at its heart to represent Gods love for us. Keep it near you to remind you that you are not alone.

Guardian Angel

Every day except for Sunday, the featured pattern will be one that is already free.  On Sundays ONLY, I will start featuring a Paid Members Patterns and make it available for printing, if you miss it, you are out of luck. You still won't have access to the PDF file however.

Some Paper Bead
Templates Uploaded!

I have uploaded a few individual templates!
All of the 3/4" Printable Templates have been uploaded! They are not bundles of templates. The templates are $1.99 each but if you become a paid member, you can download them for free!
There is 1 free template that have also been uploaded.

Printable Template 3/4" x 00" x 11"

Go to the Printable Templates

It's Back! Paper Bead Page

Learn how to use the various paper bead rollers I offer on this site!

How to Use Paper Bead Rollers

Featured Bead Sheet

Diagonal Black Stripes

Recently Uploaded Bead Sheet Bundle

I have started making and uploading Bead Sheet Bundles to go with the bead sheets that are on the site already.
Today's Bead Sheet Bundle is not free but it is $5.99 for 34 bead sheets!
Most of them will not be free but available for free download for Paid Members.

Pink Blue Bows Bead Sheet Bundle

Blue Pink Bows


Work Update

 I am working on Universal templates and a special tool that can be used with them for easy storage. More information on that next week! I am working on making Christmas gifts for my family this year so I will be spending most of my time with that. I will keep adding to the site as I can but just like everyone else, I am really busy getting ready for the holidays.

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Tuesday's Tips

Double Duty Salt and Pepper Shakers
If you do not use a sugar bowl because you do not add sugar to your coffee or tea, but you do use small amounts of sugar on cereal, toast or anything else, you can go get an odd salt or pepper shaker from a second hand store, (so that it does not match your salt and pepper shaker) and use it to store a small amount of sugar to sprinkle on buttered toast or on your breakfast cereal. This is what I have been doing for a few years now.

Cleaner Computer Desktop
Is your computer desktop cluttered with lots of icons?? Mine was until I made a new folder and dragged and dropped alot of my less frequently used shortcuts into the folder. Now if I need to go quickly to one of those programs, I can just open that folder and then click on the shortcut to the program itself. It is faster then going through start but it does require an extra click from the desktop itself. My dh loved this idea and wondered why I hadn't done it sooner. To make a new folder, just right click anywhere on your desk top then choose new, then choose folder. A folder will show up on your desktop. You can rename it by right clicking on it, choose rename, then type in the new name of your folder. I named mine, Shortcuts.

Word of the Day


verb diss-KRIM-uh-nayt
1 a : to see the special features of

b : to perceive a difference in : differentiate

2 : to distinguish by discerning or exposing differences; especially : to distinguish from another like object

3 : to make a difference in treatment or favor on a basis other than individual merit
Daily Words are from the Merium Webster Dictionary.