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Just Plain Fun

Daily Update - December 9, 2021

What am I Doing?

Quilt as You Piece Block

I am working on a series of Quilt Block Videos done in the Quilt as You Piece method. When I am done, there should be 30 quilt blocks that I will then put together with sashing in between the blocks. I do plan to make a video of putting the quilt together. This is the primary way I make quilts.

The quilt in the photo is the front of the quilt block, the back is the same pattern, just different fabrics. The patterns and materials list are on the site as well, the same day I post the video I make for each block. The very first block, Five Strip Rail Fence is free for everyone, no points needed and no membership needed. Most of the rest of the blocks for this quilt will be for Members. You can get them with points or for $1.99 each or as a Gold member, you will not need to redeem points or pay anything for the PDF files.

Featured Pattern

Today's Featured Pattern

This pattern is Free on December 9th only.

This little angel has a very full skirt and lacy wings and would look great next to the Filet Tree Top Angel also available on this site..

Filet Angel Ornament

Featured Bead Sheet

Today's Featured Bead Sheet

This bead sheet is Always Free.

This bead sheet is made with a graphic of one single large green flower shape then manipulated in Microsoft Office Publisher 365. It would be a great one to use for Christmas time beads!

Green Flower

Recent Addition!

Recent Addition

This is the 17th quilt block tutorial in a series on how to make quilt blocks using the new Quilt as You Piece Method.

Buttercup Block
Video Available!

This Week's Tip

Christmas Card Gift Tags

I am sure you have heard this one before. Use your old Christmas cards as gift tags this year. Just use cookie cutters to cut the front of the cards into fun shapes, punch a hole in the top, use colorful 1/8" wide ribbon for hanging and presto! A great gift tag! Better yet! Get your kids on the action of making these gift tags. You could make them while eating holiday sweets and drinking hot chocolate. What a fun time this would be!

Phrase of the Day

Glittery Garlands

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