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Today's Featured Pattern

This pattern is Free May 20, 2021 only!

Charmed Choker


New Paper Bead Template Book

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This is the same size strip I use to make the stabilizer beads for the Adjustable Length Paper Bead Rollers.

It's Back! The Applique Beads Tutorial!

Do you remember this? It hasn't been on the site for a while!

Learn how you can make applique paper beads that look like ceramic or porcelain beads that have flowers and other designs painted on them after the bead is made.

Applique Paper Beads

Featured Bead Sheet

Today's Featured Bead Sheet

This bead sheet is Not free.

Pink Fleur-De-Lis



New Crafting Papers Book!

This first book contains 2 copies each of 20 of the bead sheets that are on the web site. The paper that the pages are made from have a slick shimmery feel to them and are sligtly thicker than copy paper and thinner than scrapbook paper. An 11" strip of paper cut from one of these pages will make a paper bead that is 1/4" in diameter when rolled with a 5/64" paper bead roller.

You can get this book for $16.95 through Amazon by clicking on the image above.

Latest Video at YouTube

Laminated Cutting Guides! Learn about the brand new paper bead templates! These templates are designed for use with Guillotine cutters! They are laminated so they will last a very long time and you tape them down to the bed of the cutter and you lay your paper on top of them and move the paper down the template as you cut each strip.

Tuesday's Tip

Easy Does It Gluing If you use glue in your projects and you need just to place a tiny dab. Use a scrap piece of paper and put a dab of glue on the paper. Then use a toothpick to apply the glue by dipping it in the glue on the paper. That way you will get better control of how much you are actually applying.


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