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I have decided to end the Paid Memberships Program and just go with the Points Program. If you are a paid member, you signed up for a lifetime membership and are no longer paying for memberships. I am not really making any money from new memberships so it does not make sense to keep that part of my business going. Instead, membership is going to be point based. I do not plan to change this again. My income will be from sales of Paper Bead Rollers, downloads for people who don't want to be a member, books I publish in the future on Amazon, templates and template bundles, ads on the site and YouTube revenue.

All downloads, that cost points, no matter what level you are at, will now cost 20,000 points each unless otherwise noted on the individual pages. 

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Daily Update - May 19, 2022

Membership is Free!

Brand new Monthly Raffle

I have started a new monthly raffle where you can win up to 1,000,000 points! Which will make you a Gold Level Member! No purchase necessary. Click Here to Get More Information!

In the future, I may hadd actual items I send out in the Mail for the raffles. I just want to see what kind of response I get from offering a raffle in the first place. You do need to be a registered member in order to enter for the raffle.

I am working on the next Quilt as You Piece Block! I recorded the video on Sunday and hope to edit and upload Monday 3/7. The instructions have been finished, except for the photo of the finished block, for a couple of days. I am not quite done with building my inventory back up but I needed to take a break from that so I can make the next quilt block.

Mid May Sale

Get 10% off any of my Paper Bead Roller Products or Laminated Template Products

Use code: MIDMAY1321 to get the 10% discount at Amazon Only. Do a search at Amazon.com for Paper Bead Crafts Paper Bead Rollers.

Discount good from 10:00pm May 13th PDT to 11:59 May 21 PDT. 

The Coloring Books and Template Books are not included in this offer. Only the items I would personally send to you myself are available for discount.

Coming Soon!

Pre-Cut Paper Bead Strips

Pre Cut Paper Bead Strips. One size for now. More information soon. I am waiting on a new machine for the die I bought. The electric one does not like my new die. So one with a crank, The Accuquilt Go will work for the paper bead die I got custom made for me. I wasted quite a few sheets of paper and cardstock trying to get the electric one to accept my new die. It kept spitting it out backwards. So I have ordered a new crank machine so it will have no choice but to let it go through. I cannot wait to start offering Pre-cut strips.

All of the Pre-cut strips will be one size for now. I have only one die for paper bead strips. 3/8in at the wide end, 1/8in at the narrow end and 8½in long. If they sell well, I will order another die. Reply to the email or contact me and let me know what you think!

What am I doing?

I am English Paper Piecing!

I am still working on a big English Paper Piecing Project, more information coming. When I post the pattern, it will not have a photo of the finished quilt, but it will have a picture of what I am making. I am stitching it by hand and I plan to post progress updates as I make it. I will let you know more when I have enough done so you can really see what I am doing.

Featured Pattern

Today's Featured Pattern

This pattern is Free on May 19th Only

This scrubbie is fast and easy to make and uses a popcorn stitch that is on its side.

Popcorn and Shells Scrubby

Now the PDF file for patterns that are not normally free are also available for free download for one day only.

Over time, as I feature a pattern each day, when it is no longer free, I will make the HTML page available to anyone who is registered on the site (Not just Gold members.) This will take time, there are over 600 Gold Member patterns on the site. I am changing them to Registered Member patterns one at a time. The PDF file of each pattern will be available for points.

From now on, new patterns, projects and printables I add to the site will still be gold level pages until they are over 2 years old. This keeps things fair to the members who actually paid for membership.

Featured Bead Sheet

Today's Featured Bead Sheet

This bead sheet is Free on May 19th Only.

This bead sheet started off as what I thought was going to be a shade of purple but it came out more pink than purple. Anyway, this bead sheet will make awesome beads for spring and summer jewelry designs.

Tiled Fuchsia Flowers

Now the PDF file is also available for free download for one day only.

Recent Video

Unboxing the Accuquilt Go

Recent Addition!

Recent Addition

This is the 26th quilt block tutorial in a series on how to make quilt blocks using the new Quilt as You Piece Method.

Cornered Kite Block

Video Available!

This Week's Tip

Easy to Make Plastic Templates

If you need a plastic template for a sewing project and you plan to use it over and over again, you can get some of those flexible plastic cutting boards from a Dollar Store and make your templates from that. The plastic is easy to cut and the template will last for years!

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Sewing Machines

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