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November 2019

Starting November 10, the Daily Featured Pattern will no longer be free unless it is already a free pattern. Look at it this way, I am just featuring a pattern on the site to remind you that the pattern is there.

What will be free each day will be the page that the scavenger hunt item will be on. When you find the scavenger hunt item, I will make sure that the page that it is on will be free for that day. The free item may be paper bead templates in the future, when I start adding them to the site. Most of the time it will be a members only crochet pattern. I also plan to add bead sheet bundles to go with the free individual bead sheets that are on the site. Those will also offered as freebies for the scavenger hunt when I start adding them to the site.

The main reason I am making this change is because it is not fair to the paid members for me to be giving away more than one free pattern or members only page per day. Paid members have to come first.