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Scavenger Hunt

The item for Friday, November 15, 2019 is below.
Item: You are hunting for "Scare Crow".
Clue: You will find it in the Bag or Purse patterns!

The daily scavenger hunt item can only be found for one day.
I no longer keep them available to find for the whole month.

The instant prize could be either a discount or a download of something that is free for today only.

Work Update

Over the next few weeks, while I prepare for the upcoming holiday season, I will be still publishing the daily newsletter but I will not be uploading as many old files as I have been doing since I launched the new site. You can still expect the daily featured pattern, daily featured bead sheet and scavenger hunt item. I will continue to upload old files as time permits. I have other extra responsibilities I have to tend to which will take up much of my time. I assure you, a few patterns and other files will be uploaded each day but I have to limit how much time I can do this for awhile.

Featured Pattern

Ruffled Candle

This candle is fast and fun to make and uses the scfbb as an accent. It also uses an empty bath tissue roll for its form.

Ruffled Candle

When you get to the current featured Pattern, if the pattern is already free, you will be able to see the whole pattern and download the PDF file. If the pattern is for paid members, you will no longer be able to see the whole pattern or download the PDF file without either purchasing it or by becoming a member. The featured pattern is now just a way for me to remind you about patterns available on the site.  

A Page is Back!

I am bringing back the Word Search and Sudoku puzzles! The first one to be back is below!
Puzzle for Different Dances
Different Dances

It's Back! Paper Bead Project

Witch Hat Earrings
Paper Bead Witch Hat Earrings

Featured Bead Sheet

Purple Yellow Mesh

Latest Video

Tuesday's Tips

  • Instead of using a planner as a planner, use it as a journa to record the things you have done each day, record the weather, ideas that came into your head, people you meet etc...
  • You can use an old post earring as a tack on a cork board!
  • Use a junk piece of cardboard as a glue palate. When you are done with it, you can just toss it!
  • Use a heavy large metal 2½" diameter washer as a pattern weight. They are not expensive and work really well to keep paper patterns in place while cutting your fabric for projects. You can cover them with colorful duck tape to make them more fun!
  • If you like to use old toothbrushes for cleaning crevaces and tight spaces, wrap a piece of black or any color, duck tape around the handle to remind yourself which toothbrush is for cleaning and not brushing your teeth.

Word of the Day


adjective in-KAHN-gruh-wus
: lacking congruity: as

a : not harmonious : incompatible

b : not conforming : disagreeing

c : inconsistent within itself

d : lacking propriety : unsuitable