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Find out how these Laminated Cutting Guides are different from your regular paper cutting templates!

These are reusable Over and Over again!

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Scavenger Hunt

Today's Scavenger Hunt Item
The item for Today is below.
Item: You are hunting for a "Couple of Chickens".
Clue: You will find it in the Kitchen patterns!

The daily scavenger hunt item can only be found for one day.
I no longer keep them available to find for the whole month.

The instant prize could be either a discount or a download of something that is free for today only.

Work Update

All of the 950 crochet patterns are back on the site! Thank you all for your patience while I worked on getting them back on the site. I am working on the 1/2" Machine cutting templates and hope to have them all uploaded by Wednesday night.

Featured Pattern

This potholder started out as a granny square that did not work so to prevent frogging I continued on and made it bigger then folded it in half and created this potholder. See what can happen when you design patterns?

Granny Potholder

When you get to the current featured Pattern, if the pattern is already free, you will be able to see the whole pattern and download the PDF file. If the pattern is for paid members, you will no longer be able to see the whole pattern or download the PDF file without either purchasing it or by becoming a member. The featured pattern is now just a way for me to remind you about patterns available on the site.  

Some Paper Bead
Templates Uploaded!

I have uploaded a few individual templates!
Most of the 1/2" Machine Templates have been uploaded! They are not bundles of templates. The templates are $1.99 each but if you become a paid member, you can download them for free!
There is 1 free template that have also been uploaded.

Machine Template 1/2" x 00" x 11"

Go to the Machine Templates

It's Back! Paper Bead Project

Carousel Drying Rack

Recently Uploaded Bead Sheet Bundle

I have started making and uploading Bead Sheet Bundles to go with the bead sheets that are on the site already.
Today's Bead Sheet Bundle is not free but it is $5.99 for 34 bead sheets!
Most of them will not be free but available for free download for Paid Members.

Blue Kaleidoscope

Blue Kaleidoscope


Featured Bead Sheet

Star Bursting Flowers

Latest Video

Tuesday's Tips

  • Egg Carton Ornament Storage
    If you have a miniature tree with a bunch of mini ornaments, a great place to organize them is in an egg carton. You can use as many as you need and they stack nicely inside a bigger box! Best of all they are free!
  • A Use for Old Wall Paper Scraps!
    If you have extra wall paper from a recent redecoration, you can use the scraps to cover wooden craft boxes and use them as an accent in the same room as the wall paper is in. You can also use the wall paper as gift wrap. You can cover an oatmeal box that comes with a plastic lid with wall paper, cut a hole in the top an you will have a yarn caddy to keep your skein of yarn clean while working on a project.
  • Keeping Projects Clean
    Keep your WIP in a plastic zipper bag when you take it with you to work on when you are away from home whether you are in a waiting room or at the beach. hehe This keeps it clean and all together. joomla
  • Meat Tray Pallettes
    Foam meat trays can be used a palettes for paint or glue. When done with your project, just throw away or if you have extra paint on it, cover with plastic wrap so that you will not waste any of it. Then when all of the paint is used up, then you can toss it.
  • Bread Tab Marker Labels
    If you use bread tabs to mark your crochet or knit work, you can use a small label on it to mark your place. Then if you need to reuse it, you can just put another label over it.

Word of the Day


cornucopia noun
cor·​nu·​co·​pia | \ ˌkȯr-nə-ˈkō-pē-ə  , -nyə-ˈkō-\
Definition of cornucopia
1: a curved, hollow goat's horn or similarly shaped receptacle (such as a horn-shaped basket) that is overflowing especially with fruit and vegetables (such as gourds, ears of corn, apples, and grapes) and that is used as a decorative motif emblematic of abundance
— called also horn of plenty

2: an inexhaustible store : ABUNDANCE
We marveled at the cornucopia of fruits, meats, toys, fresh fish, baskets, utensils and leather goods for sale in stalls that lined the streets for as far as we could see.
— Guy Garcia
For contemporary performers, soul represents a cornucopia of musical ideas.
— Jon Pareles
3: a receptacle shaped like a horn or cone
Daily Words are from the Merium Webster Dictionary.