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I have decided to end the Paid Memberships Program and just go with the Points Program. If you are a paid member, you signed up for a lifetime membership and are no longer paying for memberships. I am not really making any money from new memberships so it does not make sense to keep that part of my business going. Instead, membership is going to be point based. I do not plan to change this again. My income will be from sales of Paper Bead Rollers, downloads for people who don't want to be a member, books I publish in the future on Amazon, templates and template bundles, ads on the site and YouTube revenue.

All downloads, that cost points, no matter what level you are at, will now cost 20,000 points each unless otherwise noted on the individual pages. 

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Just Plain Fun

Daily Update - October 8, 2021

What am I Doing?

I have started making most of the Puzzles on the site for Gold members only, like the crochet patterns, paper bead templates and Bead Sheets. There will be one free puzzle for every 4 Gold members puzzles I put on the site in the future. There will be Sudoku, Word Search and Crossword puzzles.

Since this month is October, I will be featuring all of the Halloween related patterns whether they are always free or not.

I am working on adding to my inventory of the 3/16" Bead Easy Eyelet Setter! I should have a fresh batch made by Monday night so if you want one, you can order one on Amazon and Etsy! Check These Out Here!

Featured Pattern

Today's Featured Pattern

This pattern is Always Free!

This pattern started out as a table mat but after I completed rnd 11 I found that it would make a better stuffed toy. You could actually use this pattern with crochet thread and make a bunch of these to put into a halloween centerpiece.

Stuffed Candy Corn Toy

Featured Bead Sheet

Today's Featured Bead Sheet

This bead sheet is Not free.

This bead sheet was made with Halloween in mind but it can also be used in a child's scrapbook page!I saw this monster and could not resist making a bead sheet with it for Halloween!

Green Big Eyed Monsters

Recent Addition!

Today's Project

Check out the Filet Crochet Pattern I just added to the site for the first time! It was on the 600 Pattern CD but the CD is no longer available.

Christmas Candle With Holly

This Week's Tip

Scrunchie Wreath Ornaments

Just about all scrunchie patterns would make great wreath ornament patterns as well, just work the pattern onto a 2" bone ring or a 3" brass ring. Then decorate the Scrunchie Wreath with a bow!

Phrase of the Day

Christmas Candle

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