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Just Plain Fun

Daily Update - October 15, 2021

What am I Doing?

Hand Sewing Case

Now that I am finished with the Easy Shopping Bag and the video is done and uploaded, I can move on to the next project, I have been promising. By the time you are reading this, I will have started working on the Hand Sewing Case that I mentioned in an earlier newsletter. The new case I make will look a little different and hopefully you can use your sewing machine througout the whole process. The one in the photo has a lot of hand stitching on it to put it all together so I have to make some changes as to what materials I use. I don't want the ridges around the top and bottom and I want the zipper to be different. It will be the same size and shape but made in a different way.

Since this month is October, I will be featuring all of the Halloween related patterns whether they are always free or not.

I am done adding to my inventory of the 3/16" Bead Easy Eyelet Setter! I have a fresh batch made so if you want one, you can order one on Amazon and Etsy! Check These Out Here!

Featured Pattern

Today's Featured Pattern

This pattern is Always Free!

This sampler square is an adaptation from the Beetles On Parade Bookmark in the paid members area. I basically altered one row in the pattern row to make the critters look like spiders.

Marching Spiders Sampler Square

Featured Bead Sheet

Today's Featured Bead Sheet

This bead sheet is free on October 15th only.

Here is another Candy Corn bead bead sheet for you to use for Halloween beads! This one is definitely more colorful than the other Candy Corn sheet but both are paper bead worthy! This bead sheet is normally not free but from now on, on Fridays, if a beadsheet I feature, is not normally free, I will make it free for that Friday only.

Candy Corn Kaleidoscope

Recent Addition!

Recent Addition

This bag is fast and easy to make and is modeled after those plastic shopping bags that you get when you go shopping in those big box stores. Video Coming Soon!

Easy Shopping Bag
Video Now Available!

This Week's Tip

Marking Fabrics for Sewing

If you need to mark your fabric for quilting or sewing and you don't want the marks to stay after washing, you can use Crayola's children's washable markers! I use them all the time and they always come out in the wash. They were designed for children to use so they are meant to wash completely out of fabrics.

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