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Daily Update - October 25, 2021

What am I Doing?

Layered Piecing Quilt

I am working on a new quilt! Not the one in the photo, but one with blocks that are in the one in the photo. I have 2 in my house I made over the past 2 years and the way I made the quilts is different than you may have ever seen. They are not traditional quilts. They are not even traditional Quilt as you Go quilts, they are made in a manner that makes them double sided as I build each block. Same pattern layout on the front as on the back. I just use scraps for the back. As I am piecing each block, they are layered and quilted. I don't piece the top and bottom separately, they are pieced and layered at the same time.

The quilt in the photo is the front. I finished this one in January of 2020. The back side is the same pattern but I used different fabrics and is more scrappy. This quilt is my own design. I plan to show you how I make the blocks and perhaps someday I will post the actual quilt patterns as well.

Since this month is October, I will be featuring all of the Halloween related patterns whether they are always free or not.

On Saturday, I celebrated my Grandson's 2nd birthday! I took the day off to be with him, my husband, my son and his wife since I could not be there for his actual birthday party. He turned 2 on October 15 but his birthday party was set for Sunday October 17.

Featured Pattern

Today's Featured Pattern

This pattern is Always Free!

This pattern is designed with using a battery operated Tea Light in mind. It is fast and easy to make and would make a very cute decoration for a Halloween Party.

Little Pumpkin Candy Dish

Featured Bead Sheet

Today's Featured Bead Sheet

This bead sheet is Not Free.

This bead sheet was made by manipulating the image of my Little Pumpkin Candy Dish. You can combine beads made with this bead sheet with black, orange, green, yellow and white beads for a very festive necklace or bracelet.

Halloween Candy Dish

Recent Addition!

Recent Addition

This is the first quilt block tutorial in a series on how to make quilt blocks using the Quilt as You Piece Method. It's a method I have been using since January 2019.

Five Strip Rail Fence Block
Video Available!

This Week's Tip

Glue Bottles

Dispensing 2 Types of Glue

Since I make paper beads and sew, I use two different types of glue, washable and non washable. I keep the glue in 2oz bottles that are the same. So in order to be able to tell them apart, when they happen to be close to each other, I wrapped a 5.25" piece of colorfully printed duct tape on each bottle. I have one that has tie dye colored duct tape on it for the washable school glue and the other one has Zebra print that I use for All Purpose Glue.

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