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Scavenger Hunt

Today's Scavenger Hunt Item
The item for Today is below.
Item: You are hunting for "Little Blue Flowers".
Clue: You will find it in the Sachet or Pincushion patterns!

I am now using images that are in either of the 2 Paper Bead Generators, or a thumbnail image of a pattern relevant to the current time period, for the daily Scavenger Hunt Items.

The daily scavenger hunt item can only be found for one day.

The instant prize is access to a Gold Members Only crochet pattern that is free for today only for everyone! The pdf file is not part of the prize.

 The Points Program Has Started!

A special code has been placed under this image, on the page that will have the scavenger hunt item on it. Sign up for a Free Points Account and you can claim 1000 points for finding today's item! you can also get free access to the page that it is on! As of August 5, 2020, I have fixed the problem of not being able to access the pattern page that the link goes to if you are not a gold member. Now anyone who finds the scavenger hunt item, member or not can access the pattern page for one day.  Not the PDF though.

Featured Pattern

This pattern is Not Free.

This little runner could be made any length and also can be made wider. It is just the perfect runner for a mantel or a small shelf you may have in your home.

Hair Pin Lace Shelf Runner

From now on, I will featured either free or for members patterns. The members patterns will not be free but they will be available for either $1.99 or for 19,900 points for those who have a free points account. They will always be available to Gold Members without having to redeem points.

The Universal Marking Templates are Back!


All Universal Templates

It's Back! Crochet Stitch Page

Instructions for the Waffle Stitch is Back!

Waffle Stitch

This pot holder pattern is a perfect example of what this stitch looks like. There are a few more patterns on the site that use this stitch and you can find out which ones they are by clicking on the link above.

Featured Bead Sheet

Pretty Blue Flower

Recently Uploaded Bead Sheet Bundle

I have started making and uploading Bead Sheet Bundles to go with the bead sheets that are on the site already.
Today's Bead Sheet Bundle is not free but it is $5.99 for 34 bead sheets!
Most of them will not be free but available for free download for Paid Members.

Pretty Rainbows


Points Program News

Points accounts are Back! 

The points program is up and running and seems to be working great! If you run into any trouble, or something does not seem to be right, please let me know.


Points Program


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Tuesday's Tips

Another Use for Dryer Sheets When making crochet, sewn or knit sachets, to put into your drawers, stuff them with used dryer sheets that have been misted with your favorite body spray or perfume. Use after shave for men's sachets.

Weighted Pin Cushions: When making pincushions, to help your it stay in place, weight it down with smooth stones or large metal washers. Put the weights on the bottom of your pincushion. That way, when removing pins from them, the pincushion should stay in place.

Word of the Day


Point Value: 1000
The Paw Tracker word is always be valued at 1000 points.

adjective yoo-BIK-wuh-tuss
: existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread

Daily Words are from the Merium Webster Dictionary.