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Are you frustrated with wasting paper when making paper beads while using layering templates to cut your strips?
Do you want a faster and easier way to cut your strips while avoiding marking your paper with pencil that may show up on your finished beads?
Do you hate the slow tedious process of drawing inaccurate straight lines on your paper for making paper bead strips?


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  • Designed for Guillotine Cutters
  • Over all size is 8½" by 11"
  • Each cutting Guide has 2 sides. 8½" Strips on one side and 11" on the other side.
  • Laminated for durability and Many Years of Use
  • Eliminates the need of a confusing ruler for marking paper.

Imagine a cutting guide that you can use over and over again and never have to mark your paper or waste an extra piece of paper just to be able to avoid marking up your pretty paper. The only wasted paper will be the very first and last strip cut from your pretty sheet of paper, which you can roll up to be your waste beads at the ends of your strand of beads while they are being glazed. Well that is now a reality!

These Paper Bead Cutting Guides are designed for use with all manual Guillotine type cutters.

The cutting guides are templates you tape, with painter's tape, onto your guillotine cutter, and move the paper you are cutting from one end of the template to the other while you are cutting your paper into strips. The template does not get cut up, it stays intact and can be used over and over again.

If you make your beads to sell, this new tool can pay for itself very quickly. Perhaps even the first couple of times you sell some beads made with one of these cutting guides.

The cutting guides have a color coded frame based on the wide end of the strip. For example, all of the 3/8" wide end strip guides will have a light yellow frame around the guide. That way, once you start collecting them, you can store them according to color and size of the wide end of the bead the guide makes. These color coded borders are the same colors as are used in the Laminated Marking Templates I already offer.

Each cutting guide is 2 sided. The 11" lines are on one side and the 8½" lines are on the other side. The lines actually go edge to edge so there are no margins around each sheet to have to deal with. These guides are designed to work with 8½" x 11" paper but I imagine, they would work with A4 paper as well.

You can choose how you want to store them. Suggestions are in page protectors in a binder, use a 3 hole punch so you can store them directly in a 3 ring binder or you can store them in file folders as they are. You can also store them in binder pockets, one pocket for each whole size set.

These cutting guides are printed and laminated, in house, on our own equipment, and not at a printing shop.

Sizes and Accuracy Disclaimer: Since I actually print and laminate these, cutting guides, myself with my own printer, the lines may not be printed 100% accurate but they are as close to perfect as I can get them. They are perfect in the software I am using but the printer may print them off a tiny bit because I am printing borderless. You are making paper beads, size is not always critical for most beading projects. For my use, the tiny bit they may be off is close enough for me 100% of the time. I actually use these cutting guides 99% of the time when I am cutting strips for paper beads. If you intend to use the straight cutting guides for quilling, you may run into an accuracy problem, for various reasons. You are better off using a template I designed for electronic cutting machines. Machine Template 1/8" x 1/8" x 11"


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I actually use both of these items. The 3 ring binder pockets are how I store my cutting guides and the guillotine cutter is what I use to cut my strips.