Paper Bead Projects

Paper Bead Tree Top Star

Designed by Julie A Bolduc

This beaded tree top star is made with a combination of prism paper and glass faceted beads. It can be made with card stock as well. It is designed to fit on the top of a 3 or 4 foot tree.

Pretty Paper Bead Angel

Designed by Julie A Bolduc

This angel is completely made with paper and is dipped, in glaze, after it is assembled, on the head pin! You can make several at a time and dip them in batches!

Round Paper Bead Suncatcher

Designed By Julie A. Bolduc

This dazzling beaded suncatcher is made with necklace sized memory wire, paper and glass beads with a chandelier crystal hanging proudly in the center to catch all of that bright sunlight, casting off colorful rainbows all over your room!