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Paper Bead Coloring Books

I offer a number of Paper Back Books of Paper Bead Templates.  They are all available at Amazon.com. Several of them are a combination of Paper Bead Templates and Coloring Books. Basically, the books are filled with pages that are templates on one side and coloring pages on the other side. When coloring the pages, I recommend using colored pencils or crayons since markers can bleed through which makes it difficult to see the cutting lines of the template.  The templates are meant to be cut out of the books and layered on top of your fancy papers, such as scrapbook paper, you want to turn into paper beads.

The prices for these books are supposed to be $11.95. I just recently lowered the prices from $15.95 to $11.95 and this is a permanent price change. If you see prices higher than this, don't purchase them. They are probably copies that were purchased and are being resold. Book 3 is still listed at $15.95 as of the time of writing this page. For some reason the price has not updated in the system yet. It will soon change however.

 All of these Coloring Books are based on the 8.5" x 11" size but the templates are a bit smaller than that due to the margin restrictions of the book printers. All of these coloring books have cutting templates that are meant to be layered with your other papers such as cardstock, scrapbook paper, copy paper and any other paper that is A4 or 8½" x 11"in size. Any size paper larger than that can be cut down to size to fit these templates. There are full instructions on how to use these coloring books as cutting templates in the first part of the book. Basically you cut the pages out of the book, layer them with your other paper, clip the sheets of paper together with mini binder clips so they wont shift on you, cut the margins off, then cut the strips along the lines. All of the templates in all of the books have 2 lengths of strips in them. They are 7.5" and 10.25". They also have the same narrow end size increments dependent on the maximum width of the wide end.


Includes Templates for 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8" strips.

Paper Bead Coloring Book 1

Includes Templates for 1/2" strips.

Paper Bead Coloring Book 2

Includes Templates for 5/8" strips.

Paper Bead Coloring Book 3

Includes Templates for 3/4" strips.

Paper Bead Coloring Book 4

Includes Templates for 7/8" strips.

Paper Bead Coloring Book 5

Includes Templates for 1" strips.

Paper Bead Coloring Book 6