Vibrant Quilted Wonder

This sheet was made by scanning a quilt block into my computer. I then turned a section of it into a Kaleidoscope. You could make pretty egg shaped beads with this sheet! I would combine the beads with clear faceted beads and silver findings in any piece of jewelry.


This first bead sheet bundle is free for everyone! Download it, let me know what you think.  There are 34 bead sheets and one sheet of instructions with this bead sheet bundle. See the 2nd link below to download the bundle. Bundles that will not be free will be for paid members and for individual sale at $3.99. Every single bead sheet bundle will have the same layouts and the prints will be 2 different sizes. The original that you see on this page and either a smaller or larger print size depending on the what size the original bead sheet is.

Quilted Wonder Bead Sheet Bundle


Bead Sheet ID Number: fbs301000