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Universal Templates

Templates for Marking Paper for Making Paper Beads.

  • What Does Universal Mean?
    Well it means these templates will work with what ever size paper you are using! No need to actually use a pencil and ruler to mark your paper!
  • How Do Universal Templates Work?
    In a nutshell, you cut these templates into narrow strips, along the dashed lines, and you glue them with a temporary glue stick to the top and bottom edges, on the back side, of the paper you want to turn into paper beads. Then you cut your strips from mark to mark.
  • Are instructions included?
    Yes there are full instructions on how to use them. I also plan to make a video demonstrating how they work.
  • Why not just use my pencil to mark my paper?
    It is much faster to use the narrow strips and your cut strips will not have any marks on them which will make for better, cleaner beads! Plus you can cut a bunch of strips ahead of time and store them in a box for really quick access. Also, your marks will be accurate and consistent!
  • How many strips can I get from one sheet of paper?
    If you cut them on the dashed lines, you will get 25. Each strip is marked with the widths that the finished strip will be. For example, there is a sheet that will make strips that are 5/8" at the wide end and 1/4" at the narrow end. The marks are 5/8" and 1/4" apart across the sheet. This size will be repeated 8 times across the sheet on each dashed line. That way, if you cut these strips in advance, you will know what size they are meant for if you store them.
  • What if my paper is wider than my strip is long?
    Then you would just add another strip next to the first one, lining up the marks until you have filled the edge of the paper. If your strip is too long, just cut off the excess.
  • What do I do with the little cut pieces when I am done cutting my paper into strips?
    Just put them into the regular trash. It's not a waste if you are using piece of used copy paper that has been saved from the recycle bin and printed already on one side.
  • I want to make tapered beads, can I do this with these templates?
    Yes you can! Each set of Universal Paper Bead Marking Templates has sheets that are designed to make tube, bicone and barrel beads starting with the narrow end being 1/16" and the wide end being 1/8" narrower than the full size of the set you are getting. For example, the sample set is 3/4" wide and it has a total of 7 templates starting at 1/16" and increasing in 1/8" increments until it is a tube or straight strip. The first increase is by 1/16" but the rest of them are at 1/8" increments. Download the free sample to see what I mean!