This membership program is point based. It is free to sign up. I will never again charge you for membership. If you have been a customer or visitor or paid member in the past, this membership is going to be different. You will have to sign up as if you never were a member before. Everyone will start at 100 points. No exceptions. Think of this as a brand new Membership program that is points based. You can earn points to redeem on stuff I would send to you through the mail. Anything I can send that weighs less than a pound, that I have in my stuff, I will offer for points. There will also be pre-cut fabrics available for points. I have so much fabric, I will never use, I thought I would share it with my Just Plain Fun Members. I may also start making bracelets again to offer for points. That way, I hope to have something that people would want. I am also into 3D printing and have some ideas there as well. This will only be offered to people in the USA. I will offer downloadables as well, I may offer, for points, paper bead template bundles, maybe even quilt block templates. The bundles that are now available on Etsy.

When you sign Up

About the Points Program

This Membership Points Program is different. Earn points by visiting different pages across the site, playing games and making select purchases of our Paper Bead Making tools and templates at and

Once you reach a level of membership, you will not lose your membership level since your level of membership is based on how many points you have accumulated over the course of your membership, not the amount of points you currently have.

Different Levels of Membership

There are 5 different levels of membership you can attain! All memberships begin with 100 points. The higher the level, the more priviledges you will be entitled to.