Paper Shutter Block

Using the Quilt as You Piece Method

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This is the 16th quilt block tutorial in a series on how to make quilt blocks using the Quilt as You Piece Method. This quilt block can be completely made in the Quilt as you Piece method.

Materials Needed

Tools Needed

These are the tools I used. Use what you have.


  1. Follow the sizes for cutting your pieces but make pieces C and D bigger than indicated so you will have something to trim at the end.
  2. You can keep the batting pieces long if you like. They can be trimmed later.
  3. Trim your batting as you go, after adding each piece and after quilting each piece.
  4. Use the Quilt as You Piece method for all pieces. Quilt as you add each piece or wait until the block is complete.
  5. Trim to 10-1/2" x 10-1/2". Do stay stitching, an 1/8" in from the edges, all the way around.

Block Name & Design Disclaimer: I do not know if this block exists anywhere else. If it does, I do not know the actual name for it. This one came out of my head. If you know the actual name of this block, I would not mind changing it and giving credit where credit is due.

This pattern sheet just provides what materials you need and what size pieces you need to make a 10" block and in what order to sew the pieces of the block together. It does not go into complete detail how I put them together in the Quilt as You Piece manner, please refer to our tutorial of the Five Strip Rail Fence Block for the basic concept and instructions on how to do Quilt as You Piece for this block and all other blocks in this series.

Diagram for Rotary Cutting and Patches