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Cornered Kite Block

Using the Quilt as You Piece Method

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This block is the 26th block in a series of for the quilt, "Mystery Quilt 2021". It can be made completely using the Quilt as You Piece Method. It starts out with the kite unit in the corner, then the strips are added in the corner log cabin style. It is a fast and easy block to make and would look great if you made several of these blocks and put them together to make one large quilt.

Materials Needed

    Makes one Block:
  • Fabric:Follow the diagram for sizes and quantities.
  • Batting Follow the Diagram or Accuquilt Chart for batting sizes.
  • 3/4" Batting Tape, Optional
  • Cotton Sewing thread in neutral color, 50wt preferred.
  • Washable Liquid Glue
  • Washable Glue Stick

Tools Needed

  • Rotary Cutter & Cutting Mat
  • Pair of Fabric Scissors
  • Temporary Marking Device
  • 18"x3" quilt ruler
  • 10.5"x10.5" Square Ruler
  • Dry Iron & Pressing Board

These are the tools I used. Use what you have.


    1. Cutting Fabrics and Batting: Follow the "Rotary Cutting Diagram" or "Accuquilt Cutting Chart" for cutting the fabrics and batting. Remember to cut patches for both the front and back and only one piece of batting per patch in the block.

Stitching Together

  1. Use the quilt as you piece method to stitch the kite patch to both of the half rectangle triangle patches to make a square. Trim to 5½"x5½".
  2. Use the quilt as you piece method to add the strips like you would for a corner log cabin starting with the 2 narrow strips, then adding the wider strips. Trim batting and check measurements as you go. The narrow strips should be trimmed to 1¼" wide and the wider strips should be trimmed to 2¼" wide from it's seam. For the most part, you should just need to trim the excess batting off.
  3. Trim to 10-1/2" x 10-1/2"
  4. Stay stitch, an 1/8" in from the edges, all the way around.

Diagram for Rotary Cutting and Accuquilt
Cornered Kite Block Sample of a Quilt Made With This Block

NOTE: I used an iron on batting tape to tape the batting to the edge of the pieces before doing the zig zag stitch to make it easier to do the zig zag stitch. It prevented the batting from shifting while I stitched it in place. This tape can also be used when you want to stitch together 2 pieces of batting for other projects where you are using batting scraps. See web site for links to the product I used. It is shown in the video as well.

Note: This block pattern was written with the use of the Accuquilt cutting system in mind so if you have one, and have the 10" Qube, you have all of the dies you will need for this block. Of course, if you know how the system works, you can use any size Qube to adjust your finished size of your block.

About This Block Pattern
This pattern sheet just provides what materials you need and what size pieces you need to make a 10" block and in what order to sew the pieces of the block together. It does not go into complete detail how I put them together in the Quilt as You Piece manner, please refer to our tutorial of the Five Strip Rail Fence Block for the basic concept and instructions on how to do Quilt as You Piece for this block and all other blocks in this series.

Note about Accuquilt and Just Plain Fun:
As of writing this block pattern, I am an affiliate with Accuquilt and have a referral link in the daily newsletter. I became an affiliate because their cutting system is amazing and I want everyone who quilts to experience the ease in cutting fabric for their quilts. If you click on a link and make a purchase at their website, I will get a small commission for your purchase which does not cost you anything more than what your purchase costs. I promise also to always make sure I include rotary cutting instructions and templates needed in my patterns since I know not everyone will have an Accuquilt system.

Block Name & Design Disclaimer: I do not know if this block exists anywhere else. If it does, I do not know the actual name for it. This one came out of my head. If you know the actual name of this block, I would not mind changing it and giving credit where credit is due.