These Pages are Back!

About New Updates

All crochet patterns, quilting, sewing, bead sheets, puzzle and paper bead related project pages are now free.

I reserve the right to make future Brand New Patterns and Projects, I add to the site, only available for purchase through paypal.

Paper bead templates, which I will be uploading soon, for the most part, will not be free. They will be available at Etsy as they are now, in bundles. I will make one template out of each machine and printable, but not the universal bundle free so you can see how they work. You can download just one sample of the universal templates so you can see how they work.

Even though this is what I do for a living, I will no longer be offering points accounts or paid memberships, ever. It's just not worth the effort for what little income I got. My income will be from the paper back books, kindle books, paper bead tools, ad income from Google and YouTube, paper bead templates, and anything I sell on Etsy and Amazon.

Not sure if you noticed, the only pop up thing you may see on this site will be the notice for you to sign up for my Daily Updates email messages. I don't like pop-up ads, as I am sure you don't like them either, so I got rid of them. I also don't like what Google calls auto ads, where they choose where the ads are located on the site. So I have hard coded the ads on the left and right side of the page and at the top of the main content area, just under the navigation bar. One more thing, if you access my site on a mobile phone or other mobile device, you will get only one ad, below the navigation at the top. I really hate those pop-ups that get in the way of being able to use a site easily.