Cross Stitching On Crochet

1. Question: "When doing cross stitch on single crochet, is it supposed to be visible on the back side of your work?"

Answer It is not supposed to be visible on the back side unless you are going to back it with a piece of felt or another crocheted piece. To some people is does not matter. It is a matter of preference in some cases. I prefer to hide the stitches. To hide the stitches so they do not show on the back, work the cross stitches through the crochet stitches themselves (without poking all the way through) starting with inserting the needle from the right to the left on the bottom of the cross stitch then inserting the needle from right to left on the top of the cross stitch then to finish the stitch bring needle down to where you first started the stitch and push the needle through in the direction of where you want the next stitch to start always starting the stitch on the bottom. To finish an end, work through the stitches working in about 1" to 1.25" of the end. Then trim really close to the work. You may have some of the yarn peek through the back but for the most part it is possible to hide them.

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