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Double Duty Crochet Patterns

There are several crochet patterns on this site as well as all over the internet. Listed on this page are the patterns which can be used for more than just one purpose! There are several more but this should get your creative juices flowing. For example, some of the fridgies on this site can be made with crochet thread and turned into earrings or pins.

Image of Happy Daisy Fridgie

Happy Daisy Fridgie

This can be made with a very small ring in the center and crochet thread and made into a pair of earrings!

Image of Beaded Star Ornament

Beaded Star Ornament

This crochet star fridgie can be made into a pair of earrings with 2 sizes of crochet thread. Or you can just leave the magnet off of the back and glue a pin on the back just use it a Christmas ornament!.

Image of Bolster Sachet

Bolster Sachet

This can be made into an actual pillow by using worsted weight acrylic yarn and a size H/8 5mm hook. Of course you will need to get more stuffing!

Image of Beaded Stuffed Star

Beaded Stuffed Star

This can be made with seed beads and crochet thread to make a festive pair of earrings or a pin! You can also make it the way it is but instead of using as an ornament, you could glue a magnet to the back for a fridgie!

Image of Little Hexagon Motif

Little Hexagon Motif

You could make this with crochet thread and stiffen 2 of them, attach ear wires and presto, you have a pair of earrings! You could also make 10 of them, stitch them together to make a placemat. Just stitch them togther with whip stitches.

Image of Washer Bracelet

Washer Bracelet

Use worsted weight yarn, a size H/8 hook and a large 2" washer to make an ornament from the very first ring. Just follow the instructions for the first ring, attach an ornament hanger and embellish with a ribbon to make a wreat ornament.

Image of Bath Tissue Cover

Bath Tissue Cover

Change the colors of the yarn, use the next size bigger hook, and make a hat for an adult! Or if you use baby weight or sport weight yarn and a smaller hook, you could make a hat for a child!

Image of JPF Pencil Cup

JPF Pencil Cup

You can use this pattern as a travel cup or can cozy! Work the pencil cup so you have 2 less rounds of clusters and then finish as in RND 18. Just don't put it on the plastic drink mix container.

There, that should be enough ideas to get your juices flowing! I know you can come up with many more patterns which can be used for something else! Turn the coffee can covers on this site into drawstring bags by adding a drawstring on the last round!

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