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Make a Stitch Chart
using Hobby Ware's Pattern Maker!

You can make a filet crochet stitch chart using Hobby Ware's Pattern Maker. At the time of writing this page, back in 1999, I had the version that is sold with Canon printers and this is the way I took the cat icon and turned it into a filet stitch chart.

  1. I found the icon on the web and saved it to disk.
  2. Open up a painting program and change the format to .bmp.
  3. Open up your pattern maker program.
  4. Click on File then Import File.
  5. Find the .bmp you just save to disk and click on it.
  6. A preview screen will pop up where you can set the stitch height and width. Also you can add margins if you like. Plus there are other options on this screen you can use. When done with this screen, click on ok.
  7. The program will do some work and then place the cross stitch chart in the window. Here is where you will make changes to make it look like a filet chart.
  8. You want to delete the back ground color so click on the back ground color on the bottom tool bar where the colors are located. You will get another screen where you can do all sorts of things with the color. What you want to do is click on delete then ok.
  9. You then want to make sure that the rest of the colors on the icon are only one color. You may have to do some editing to get it the way you want the image to look. Then after it is the way you want it to look. Goto the top tool bar and click on view. Then click on symbols. Then if the symbol that shows up is not the one you want, you can change that too. By clicking on the symbol on the bottom tool bar where the colors were. Do the same thing as you did for the background color but don't delete. Replace instead.
  10. Once you are done with that, and you are happy with what you are looking at, you can then copy it to word pad, another word processing program or a painting program. Do do this, choose the dashed box on the tool bar and draw a box around the whole thing. Then either on your keyboard, click on ctrl c or on the window click on edit then copy. Then open the program you will paste it into and click on paste or ctrl v.
  11. If you want to change the format from .bmp to gif for use on the www, you will need to use a painting program that can change it to gif format such as Paint Shop Pro by Corel. Inc
Note:I hope this helps you in making filet patterns. If I knew how to use other programs to do the same thing, I would include them in these instructions. Disclaimer. I am not in any way affiliated with HobbyWare or Corel Inc.
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