Graph Paper

Graph Paper
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You can use the graph paper as stitch charts for various types of needlecrafts including cross stitch, plastic canvas, seed beading loom work, filet crochet, and intarsia knitting. Even duplicate stitch on knitting.

Print this page on plain white paper. The only thing that will print is the graph and the title. You will also get a blue border around the page! Do a print preview before printing to your printer and you will see exactly how it will print out! You can then print it to PDF if you want to and have a PDF maker on your system. The graph paper should be printed out at the portrait setting with margins set at the minumum allowed. Consult your printer manual for details. Just use as you would normally use any other type of graph paper. NOTE: Do not expect it to print out exactly to the graph size you want.
Instructions written by Julie A. Bolduc

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