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Chenille Bump Stitch

This is a stitch that I made up on my own. It may exist already but I have never seen it before. See note below. It is made up of a progressive series of chs and dcs. That resemble the chenille bumps of the chenille stems that you can get in craft stores hence the name.

It can be used to make sampler squares, dishcloths, sweaters, afghans, placemats or any pattern that is done in rows. It can be added to motifs as well but not as the starting round.

Suggested materials
Worsted Weight--For afghans sweaters & sampler squares.
Worsted Weight cotton--for dishcloths, sweaters, placemats.
Sport & Baby yarns--For afghans, & layettes.
Crochet Threads---motifs, placemats, doilies done in rows.

Suggested Hooks
For WW Yarns F,G,H,I,J
For Sport & Baby Yarns D,E,F
For threads Use what ever size hook is recommended for the size thread you are using. Steel works best of course.

This stitch does not start with the traditional row of chains. Instead each row is made up of a series of the stitches done up progressively.

Row 1: Ch 3, *dc in 3rd ch from hook, ch 3. Repeat from * for as many "bumps" as indicated in pattern. Then turn, make sure the ch3's are at the top of the row. This is what you will crochet on throughout the project.

Row 2: *Ch3, dc in 3rd ch from hook, Sc in center of ch3 of next bump. See picture for detail as to where to place the hook. Rep from * across. Ch2, sc in last ch which is actually the very first ch you made at the very beginning of project. Turn.

Row 3: This is the pattern row. *Ch3, dc in 3rd ch from hook, sc in center of ch3 of next bump. Rep from * accross ending with a sc in last bump. Turn. Repeat this row throughout project.

This produces a delicate looking edge all the way around. You may want to add a row of sc all the way around. If you do, make sure you work (2 sc, ch1, 2 sc) in eachcorner, 2 sc in each row on the left and right sides and 2 sc in each bump on the bottom and top.

I am not sure if this stitch existed before I "made it up" but I assure you, I did not get this stitch from any book that I have or have borrowed througout my life. If any of you have seen this stitch before, please let me know. I am not going to claim it as my own until I know for sure if it is mine.

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