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Just Plain Fun Games

This is the future home of the various games I will be adding to the site. Right now, the only game here is the Bingo Game.

All other games, except for Bingo, will have a score card made just for you. When that score card reaches a certain amount of points, you will be given a secret code you can use to claim the points you won. It might be something like when you reach 10,000 points, you will get the secret code to use to add those 10,000 points to your points account. The secret code will change from week to week but you will only be able to claim 10,000 points once per week.
If you have ever played any of the games on the old site in the past, you might recognize them. I will be bringing back Sortee, Aces Best, Solitary Cribbage and Royal Court. They will all add points to the same score card. I may change the points needed in your score card before you get the secret code to add those points to your points accounts. I have some coding to do before they are added.